Domestic Violence

At the Law Offices of Ashley Philpot Mattos, we treat cases involving domestic violence claims with the utmost respect. They must be handled with absolute urgency as well as sensitivity, because the consequences can have a considerable impact on the lives of those involved.

Regardless of whether you need to obtain a restraining order or have been accused of domestic violence, it is vital that you have a lawyer on your side immediately. Do not hesitate to call us at 559-739-7371. Based in Tulare, we serve clients throughout central California. Se habla español.

Don’t Take Any Chances With Your Family’s Safety

Domestic violence is not limited to physical attacks; it can include threats, stalking, isolation, financial control, and other types of mental and emotional abuse as well. An attorney is absolutely vital if you or your family is in danger of being harmed or has already suffered abuse. Even a single mistake in the paperwork could cause delays that leave you exposed to the potential for serious harm.

When you contact us, our first step is to obtain a temporary restraining order. Even getting a court hearing for a domestic violence restraining order can take some time. A temporary order provides immediate protection, and allows us to build a thorough and compelling case.

Protect Your Rights If You Have Been Falsely Accused

Allegations of domestic violence demand immediate attention as well. Accusations could impact your parental rights, employment, reputation and even your immigration status. Again, we must emphasize the importance of seeking representation as soon as possible so that we can begin working on your defense.

Have An Advocate On Your Side Today

Contact us immediately if you have been affected by domestic violence. You can submit your information online by completing our confidential form or call us at 559-739-7371.