The Criminal Defense You Need When Your Freedom And Rights Are At Stake

Criminal charges could lead to lost opportunities and social stigma. If you or a loved one faces charges related to a misdemeanor, you need legal representation at once. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Ashley Philpot Mattos fight tenaciously to defend our clients’ rights throughout central California and strive to build solid cases and arguments to protect them from the accusations they face.

Criminal charges mean a lot is at stake, and handling your case without experienced legal guidance could lead to devastating consequences. You deserve a skilled criminal defense attorney committed to your welfare and your rights, and that is where we are ready to represent you.

Developing Legal Strategies To Protect Your Future

We are well aware of the consequences a conviction could bring. Even when facing a misdemeanor, you may still spend jail time and pay costly fines. What is more, you will have a criminal record for life that could negatively affect your future opportunities. It could affect you even in family issues like child custody matters, especially if the misdemeanor is due to reports of domestic violence.

Our attorneys will work to ensure we are protecting your rights. We will speak on behalf of your best interests and build a solid legal strategy to tackle your charges based on evidence and strong arguments.

Our lawyers can help you with the following criminal charges, to mention a few:

Timely actions can make a significant difference in your case. After your arrest, let us speak on your behalf and keep your family and loved ones informed about your situation. We will handle all the relevant issues and fight relentlessly to protect you.

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