Family Law

Few legal problems are more emotionally difficult than those involving family law. At the Law Offices of Ashley Philpot Mattos, our lawyers provide skilled guidance for men and women who are facing divorce or other family law matters to allow them to move forward with confidence. We take the time to understand our clients’ concerns and goals in order to craft legal strategies best suited to the unique interests of each client.

Our attorneys are well-regarded for our loyalty to our clients. In all of our family law matters, we make every effort to alleviate the stress and anxiety our clients face. We have a no-nonsense approach to family law. We thoroughly review all aspects of your finances and family situation to provide thorough and straightforward advice. We draw on our courtroom experience and deep knowledge of California family law to obtain the most favorable outcomes for our clients.

Based in Tulare, we serve clients throughout central California. Give us a call today to schedule a confidential consultation about your specific situation.

Which Issues Are You Facing?

We provide assertive law representation across the spectrum of family law matters, including:

  • Divorce: When a marriage breaks down, the issues that the spouses face during the divorce process are unique to their own situation. We provide thorough analysis and individualized representation to obtain favorable outcomes for our clients to provide stability for the future.
  • Property division: We aggressively safeguard the rights of our clients in dividing property during divorce. Our business-savvy lawyers are skilled in guiding farmers, business owners, professionals, corrections officers, and others through the unique issues that arise in dividing community property under California law.
  • Child custody: The best interests of your children are important to you. Guarding your relationship and the interests of your children are vital in child custody and visitation rights matters. We strive to provide realistic solutions to allow clients to move forward with confidence.
  • Spousal and child support: Our financial acuity and experience in support matters are invaluable for our clients. Spousal support, commonly referred to as alimony, and child support are calculated under separate standards. We are diligent in effectively resolving spousal and child support disputes.
  • Guardianships: We represent clients applying for guardianship in probate court, opposing the appointment of a guardian in family court, as well as parties involved in guardianship disputes in juvenile dependency proceedings.
  • Adoptions: Building a strong family and protecting children are important goals in adopting a child. We guide adoptive parents through the detailed process to help the adoption process run smoothly.
  • Domestic violence: The Law Offices of Ashley Philpot Mattos provides comprehensive representation in domestic violence and restraining order matters. Our family law and criminal defense lawyers are well-prepared to protect your rights in these sensitive matters.

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We represent clients throughout California in family law matters. To arrange an appointment with a skilled family law attorney in Tulare, call 559-739-7371 or send us an email.