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Even though a traffic ticket may seem simple to solve, it could bring severe consequences and affect your driving privileges if mishandled. Moreover, doing nothing to solve your traffic ticket can also lead to criminal charges.

From our office in Visalia, you will receive committed and skilled legal assistance from the Law Offices of Ashley Philpot Mattos to address your traffic ticket. The process could seem complex and time-consuming, but our attorneys will help you through every step and handle all the requirements on your behalf.

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As you discuss your case with our lawyers, we will help you understand your rights, your current situation, the process and how we can help you. According to California law, there are two types of traffic tickets, as follows:

  • Parking tickets: An individual does not need to go to court but instead pays the violation to the parking agency.
  • Infraction traffic tickets: A police officer may stop you after committing an infraction like running a red light or speeding. You will sign a “Notice to Appear” to the court to appeal your ticket, or you may also decide to pay the infraction without appealing

In addition, an individual will get a ticket if stopped by law enforcement and found to be driving with an invalid license or while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In some cases, an individual could be taken into custody.

Our attorneys will explain why sometimes contesting your charges could be a good option. A consequence of an infraction is that the DMV will assign points that could lead to license suspension/revocation or criminal charges and make your car insurance more expensive.

For example, a DUI or hit-and-run means 2 points for your license. Running a red light or speeding could result in 1 point. If an individual has 4 points in one year, they will have their driver’s license suspended. Contact the skilled and dedicated legal help you need to protect your driving privileges.

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