Property Division

When going through divorce, making an assumption about how property will be divided is a risky proposition. You need the help of a seasoned property division lawyer who will analyze all of the relevant details and craft a legal strategy to protect your rights. Asset distribution in a California divorce requires a thorough review of all of the potential assets. Determining what assets are community property, separate property, evaluating the debts in the marriage, finding the true and fair market value of assets, and addressing the individual goals of our clients are all steps that our attorneys diligently assess in each case.

Our Financial Acuity Can Help You In Dividing Community Property

At the Law Offices of Ashley Philpot Mattos, in Tulare, we are well-versed in analyzing the complex considerations associated with property division in moderate and high-asset divorce cases, including:

  • Distinguishing between community property and separate property
  • Determining proper valuations for real estate, including the primary residence, secondary properties, coastal real estate and real estate investment holdings
  • Investigating business and professional interests to arrive at just and fair results in business valuation
  • Detailed analysis of family farm assets to protect the interests of our clients
  • Managing financial disclosure requirements and ensuring that your spouse has provided disclosure
  • Evaluating pensions, 401(k)s and retirement accounts
  • Tracing finances and investments to uncover any potential hidden assets
  • Addressing the values of art, jewelry and other community property assets
  • Advising clients about the potential capital gains tax implications of various assets, which could dilute the true worth of an investment if liquidated

Tenaciously Safeguarding Your Financial Interests In Divorce

Whether you are in a high net worth situation or a divorce involving assets of more modest means, the knowledge and experience of your lawyer can have a significant impact on how the financial resources are distributed in your divorce. Our lawyers draw on experience in family law and resolving business disputes to provide exceptional representation in property division disputes.

We strive to obtain the most favorable results through negotiations. However, if trial is necessary to protect your rights, we will fight rigorously on your behalf. We are devoted to thorough preparation and vigorous advocacy in seeking the most favorable outcome in every case.

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