Building A Strong Defense To Fight Your DUI Charges

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a severe charge in a zero-tolerance state like California. This could lead to harsher penalties and a criminal record that could ruin your potential opportunities, like applying for a job or a bank loan.

The lawyers at Law Offices of Ashley Philpot Mattos know the stakes and will fight zealously to protect your rights. Law enforcement and other parties will talk directly to us as soon as we take your case. Our main goal is to develop tailored legal strategies to meet your needs and avoid severe consequences that could affect your future.

A Compassionate Approach To Your Case

We offer compassionate legal services and vigorous legal representation in DUI cases and other criminal cases from our Visalia office. For us, your case is not another file number. We understand that you put your future in our hands when you hire us. That is why we engage in a meticulous investigation to verify the due process of your arrest and every possible approach to protect your rights.

In addition to representing your best interests throughout the process, our attorneys will also help you with the following aspects of your DUI case:

  • Protect your driving privileges and negotiate agreements with law enforcement
  • Help you build arguments for your administrative hearing before the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), aiming at recovering your driver’s license
  • Assist you with the paperwork required from law enforcement and the DMV
  • Help you apply for a restricted license or ignition interlock device (IID)

Learn what we can do for you. We will fight your charges with highly personalized legal strategies and solutions. For example, we can help you negotiate a plea bargain and avoid trial if that is in your best interests.

Act Today To Protect Your Future

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