Is January Divorce Month?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Divorce

Some people consider January to be divorce month, as news articles from recent years claim that it is a popular time for couples to split up. Lawyers’ offices tend to be slow from Thanksgiving until New Year’s, as people often delay their divorce proceedings until after the holidays.

Many who consider divorce also put off the decision until the holidays are over, hoping to start the new year fresh. However, the reality of when divorces peak is more complex.

Other months that see increased interest

There are no definitive answers for when divorce filings peak. According to, March and August might see the most divorces. Besides actual filings, January might experience an increased interest in the topic. Anecdotally, many lawyers notice they receive more questions about divorce in January. However, this might result from a general lack of activity in November and December.

Considerations for California residents

California residents must consider other factors besides starting the new year with a new life. For example, the California legislature mandates a six-month waiting period after the summons occurs. This might have significant tax implications for prospective divorcees. If an individual wants to file their taxes in the new year without their spouse, they must plan ahead. For people in irreconcilable marriages, this can be easier said than done.

There is some truth to divorces spiking in January. The holidays might be the final straw in a marriage, or people might want to start fresh in the new year. However, divorce is a long process in California, so filing for divorce does not mean the marriage will officially terminate for at least six months.