How Does Joint Custody Benefit A Family?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Family Law

When looking into different custody options, it is important to consider the needs and desires of your unique family. After all, what works for some may not work for all, no matter how popular the option is.

Saying that, joint custody is one of the options you may want to take a look into. It has a history of serving many different families well in their ultimate goal: protecting their children.

Studies show the benefits of joint custody

Forbes discusses the reigning prevalence of joint custody. In fact, it is so popular currently that many states are considering making it the default custody situation in any divorce scenario.

Of course, many divorcing couples do not opt for joint custody for various reasons. But it is enjoying a perpetually increasing level of popularity, along with a slew of study results over the decades that paint it in a positive light.

From these studies, children in joint custody situations often did better than children in sole custody situations. For example, children of joint custody standing had healthier coping mechanisms that were developed at a younger age.

Where do these benefits come from?

They also had healthier relationships, both platonic and romantic, stretching through their childhood and into adulthood. On top of that, they had lower reported rates of depression or anxiety as caused by or tied to the divorce of their parents.

This is partially due to the support that having both parents can provide, and the importance of healthy parental-child ties. If it is feasible, it is a good potential custody option to consider.