California updates its DUI laws in 2022

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Criminal Defense, DUI

You probably know that penalties for driving while under the influence are harsh. You do not want to get caught and risk the consequences.

In 2022, California changed its DUI laws to expand the covered substances and increase some penalties.

Expanded substances

The revision to the California law in 2022 added some additional sections that now make driving under the influence of drugs, including prescription drugs, subject to the DUI penalties. Law enforcement in California has had an increase in stops where drivers are under the influence of drugs or a combination of drugs and alcohol.

Penalty enhancements

The penalties for getting caught for DUI depend on if it is your first, second or third offense. Fines start at $1,400 and can reach as high as $18,000 for a third offense. Jail time is mandatory for all violations and starts at four days for a first offense. An offender guilty of a third DUI can face up to one-year imprisonment.

If you get caught for a DUI, you will have your driver’s license suspended for 30 days to ten months for a first offense, up to two years for a second offense and three years for a third offense.

You can also expect to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. Some localities require this device, even for first-time offenders.

California is serious about stopping persons who drive under the influence. Law enforcement officers use field tests to judge a person’s sobriety. When in doubt, you should get a ride rather than drive after using drugs or alcohol.