What do you need to know about divorce in California?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2022 | Divorce

Getting a divorce is not only a major source of emotional and financial headaches, but it can also create major legal headaches, too.

It is important for divorcing couples to understand what to expect about divorce specifically in the state of California, as each state has its own set of rules and regulations monitoring divorce.

Reasons for divorce

The Judicial Branch of California discusses information you need in order to get a divorce in the state. First, note that California was actually the first state to implement no-fault divorce as a concept. Basically, neither spouse has to accuse the other of misconduct in the marriage. If irreconcilable differences caused a breakdown, or if one spouse wants to divorce and the other does not, you can still split.

Residency requirements

However, there are residency requirements for a dissolution of marriage. At least one spouse must have resided in the state for six months minimum before filing the petition. You also need to have stayed in the county where you file for the divorce for at least three months before filing.

The process of finalizing a split

It takes a minimum of six months for a divorce to go through the process of filing to finalization. You may qualify for a summary dissolution if you fulfill certain requirements like having no children, not owning real estate and being in the marriage for less than five years. This is a more simplified process that does not require an appearance before a judge.

Otherwise, typical dissolution of marriage often involves many steps in which legal assistance may be of help.