Do not let gender stereotypes keep you from seeking alimony

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | Family Law

If your marriage is heading for an inevitable end, you may already be focusing on your financial future. While the law likely entitles you to half of the marital estate, you may also be eligible for spousal support, commonly called alimony. 

Often, spousal support limits divorce-related economic unfairness by requiring a higher-earning spouse to provide financial support to the other. Unfortunately, because of gender stereotypes, many men have traditionally been reluctant to seek the spousal support they deserve. 

California law is blind to gender

Outdated gender stereotypes suggest that husbands should support their wives. While this notion always had numerous exceptions, it likely dissuaded countless divorcing husbands from seeking the spousal support they may have easily won. 

Still, California law is blind to gender. That is, it allows any divorcing person who is legally eligible to seek spousal support during divorce proceedings. 

You shared marital responsibilities

During your marriage, you shared marital responsibilities with your spouse. These may have included contributing financially, staying home to raise the kids, doing household chores or virtually anything else. 

Put simply, because you contributed to the marriage, you should receive the spousal support you deserve after your divorce. 

You must exercise your legal rights

You should not have to struggle financially after your divorce, especially if your soon-to-be ex-spouse is thriving. If you think you may qualify for spousal support, you should certainly consider it. 

After all, if you do not assert your legal right to pursue spousal support during your divorce, you may lose the opportunity.