Find ways to center co-parenting decisions around the kids

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | Firm News

One of the most difficult tasks for parents is to come up with a child custody agreement when they go through a divorce. The emotions from the end of the marriage are still fresh and raw. This can make it difficult for parents to push those aside and make decisions for the children.

Some parents opt for the arrangement of co-parenting. They have to find ways to keep the children at the heart of every decision. This can prove to be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Set the basic terms

The parenting plan should outline the basic terms of the agreement. While each situation will require different factors, there are some basics that likely need to be included in every agreement.

This includes things like a parenting time schedule and rules for joint events like birthday parties, school plays or sporting events. Another good inclusion is the expectation of respect. Parents should always be respectful so that they are able to maintain a productive relationship to raise the children.

Support the children

Being able to support your children is the ultimate goal of the co-parenting relationship. You have to be willing to work with your ex so that the children know that both parents are there when they need them.

There are some small ways to convey this. You can encourage open communication. If the kids are with you, make it easy for them to contact the other parent if they want. Be willing to talk to the children and listen to them completely. Offer suggestions for how they can cope with the changes and be a good role model.

Create new traditions

New traditions can help the children to feel connected to both homes. These don’t have to be major, but they should be memorable. You might decide that you are going to have a family game night once a month or maybe you can have an annual camping trip each spring. Whatever you decide, make sure it is something that the kids can enjoy with you.

As your co-parenting relationship moves forward in Visalia, there are bound to be some disagreements. Make sure you handle these privately with your ex instead of letting your children be within earshot.