Your actions and words can impact your divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News

The end of a marriage is a challenging time for both parties. One thing that you might not have thought about is how your circle of friends might change. Chances are good that you and your ex have shared friends. When you make the decision to divorce, you may have some that choose to remain friends with both adults. If this happens, make sure that you don’t share information that your ex might use against you in the divorce.

We know that it might be difficult to determine who to trust when your marriage crumbles. One thing that you should remember is that limiting what you share can help to protect you. Many times, it is better to keep things to yourself until the divorce is over and then you can share your thoughts. Of course, you might need a trusted confidante to speak to. Make sure that you choose someone who isn’t going to go tell your ex what you have going on.

Another thing to remember is that social media can be your enemy during a divorce. This is especially true if there are disputes in the divorce. For example, if you claim you don’t have any savings but are posting pictures of you with a yacht, that might raise questions. While you don’t have to explain yourself, it might behoove you to put up a disclaimer on your post if it is your friend’s yacht. A better option might be to avoid sharing anything on social media.

We are here to help you learn about the options you have for your divorce. If you have any questions about what is appropriate for you to do or say, ask. We can offer you guidance about these matters.