Your parenting plan might change as your child matures

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Child Custody, Firm News

Child custody matters can be hard to navigate, especially when priorities change as the child gets older. It is imperative that you always remember to consider what the kids need if you are planning to make changes to the current parenting plan. We know that you might not be certain about devising a new agreement, but it is sometimes necessary as children mature and their needs change.

One thing that sometimes makes a difference is what kind of school and extracurricular activity schedule your children have now. If the kids are teenagers, they might even have a job to factor into the plan. It might not be easy to come up with a parenting plan that incorporates these elements, but we can help you to try to find solutions.

For some parents, working out changes to the parenting plan is easy. They work as a team and make adjustments that work. For others, help is needed to negotiate. These parents might choose to go through mediation to work out the finer details of the new arrangement. We can help you plan for this process.

If there isn’t any way that you and your ex can work out the details of a new parenting plan, you may need to turn to the court to order a new one. This is an involved process that requires preparation since you will have a trial. We will help you to prepare and stand by your side to represent your interests and protect your rights. As always, the guiding principle remains what is in the best interests of the children.