Reasons why a young marriage may end

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There’s a reason couples are often described as being “young and in love.” It’s exactly how you felt when you got married. However, that feeling did not last. Now, even though you’re still under 30, you think it may be time for a divorce.

Why does this happen so early? Here are a few reasons why a young marriage may come to an end:

1. You got married too young

You just did not know what you wanted in a relationship or who you really were. As you grew up, you also grew apart. Five years into the marriage, it is clear to you that you and your spouse never would have gotten together if you had met later on in life.

This is often an issue for couples who get married in college or right after high school. You may be old enough to tie the knot, but you still have a lot of growth and development ahead of you. This can cause problems in your marriage.

2. One of you did not stay faithful to the marriage

Have you ever dated someone who wasn’t faithful to you? It probably meant you broke up with them as soon as you found out. Nothing destroys the trust in a relationship faster, and relationships are built on trust. Just because you got married young does not mean the same thing won’t happen. Infidelity is one of the top reasons for divorce, and you may need to look for someone who is more committed to a relationship.

3. You can’t communicate

Maybe you never learned how to communicate about serious issues. In your young, fun relationship, the two of you just did not face many struggles. After the marriage, when tough times arrived, you did not talk about your issues. You never communicated how you felt, and neither did your spouse. This can lead to anger and resentment, and a relationship without good communication often breaks down.

4. You ran into money problems

Young people who are just starting their careers often run into financial problems. They’re usually easier to weather if you’re single: You can rent a room in a house with six friends for a few hundred dollars a month, you can eat bargain meals and you can cut out expenses. When you’re married and trying to pay for a more adult life, this financial stress can ruin your dreams. Money causes a lot of heartache and a lot of issues, often ending marriages.

What now?

If you and your spouse want to split up, no matter how young you are, just make sure you take the time to really look into all of your legal options and the steps you should take.