Find ways to connect with your children after a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | Child Custody, Firm News

One of the most difficult things for parents to deal with is trying to bond with their children after a divorce. There are often circumstances that the kids can’t understand, especially when they are young. Misperceptions can lead to them feeling insecure with the new arrangement. Some may even blame one parent more than the other for the divorce.

Finding ways to connect with your children can be challenging, especially if you don’t see them regularly, as can happen when they live far away if you or your ex moved away after the divorce. In these cases, using some technologies that are widely available today might be beneficial. For example, you can read your child a bedtime story using a video chat app.

When your child is with you, you can turn finding fun things to do into a quest. Brainstorm with your child to find out what activities interest them. Just don’t let the schedule become overwhelming. There is nothing wrong with having a quiet night at home to play board games, read a book or watch a movie. The focus should be on spending time with your child doing things that both of you enjoy.

Your child custody agreement should encourage a healthy relationship between the child and both parents. Having a set parenting time schedule and including stipulations for virtual visits can facilitate this. If these aren’t included in your current agreement or if you are working out the initial parenting plan with your ex, you can seek a child custody modification or add the changes to your draft.