Plan for your child’s success this school year

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Child Custody, Firm News

Trying to help your children stay on top of their school work is difficult. When there are extenuating circumstances present, such as their parents going through a divorce, you might find that it is even more difficult. If your child spends time with you and your ex during the school year, both of you will need to have an active role in their education to make things work.

Both parents should have access to files related to school. Many classes use online bulletin boards, messaging systems and even assignment trackers. Be sure that you and your ex both have the credentials to get into these. This lets both parents have the information they need to help with these matters when they have the child.

Make sure that you are encouraging your children to do the educational activities they enjoy. They will be more willing to learn when they are having fun. This doesn’t mean that you can bypass the subjects that they don’t enjoy but it can help you to find suitable ways to work with them on the not-so-fun subjects.

Be willing to work with your ex on the child’s education. Oftentimes, there is one parent who is better at one subject than the other. Deciding to work together so the child can get help from the appropriate parent can make it easier for the child to grasp difficult concepts.

Finally, let the school know about the divorce. Discuss the need to let both parents know what is going on. If you know that your child is having specific challenges, talk to the teacher. Letting them know about your observations might help them to plan for working with your child. If there are any specific points that the school needs to be aware of in the parenting plan, let the appropriate officials know.