Don’t become focused on the reasons for divorce, find solutions

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News

A divorce is never easy, but going through one with children is even more complicated. Parents who are divorcing now might need to get their child custody issues sorted out quickly. Even though it seems like school just let out, the new academic year isn’t too far off, which means that there needs to be a clear plan in place for this.

It is easy to become hyperfocused on the way that the situation between you and your ex devolved. Unfortunately, thinking about this can only make the divorce take longer because you aren’t trying to find solutions to the issues at hand. Even though the problems might not be resolved, you have to find a way to work through the divorce-related decisions so that you can get this part of your life over with in a timely manner.

While you are thinking about the decisions you have to make for the divorce, make sure that you are addressing each one independently. You can’t base property division on child custody or vise versa. Each of these has to be handled alone so that neither parent is using the children as a bargaining chip for other matters.

We realize that emotions play a huge part in the divorce process. We can’t take those away from you; however, we can help you to think about the possible outcomes of the options you are facing. This might help you determine a direction for every aspect of your divorce so that you are working toward the final goal of ending your marriage from a legal standpoint.