Remember to keep your children at the heart of custody decisions

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2018 | Child Custody, Firm News

Matters related to child custody are close to the hearts of parents. These can be difficult to sort out when both parents aren’t on the same page. It is necessary to work through these issues when you are in the midst of a child custody case.

The trouble that you might have with a child custody case is that you and your ex can’t agree on what is going to happen. In these situations, a mediation session might be helpful. When you go through mediation, you and your ex work with a neutral third party to come up with the terms of a parenting agreement.

A mediation session doesn’t mean that you won’t have a say in what happens. The mediator is trained to keep the discussions on track without making the decisions for you. This means that you and your ex will be able to compromise and come up with solutions.

Going through mediation is preferable for many people because it does allow the parents to make decisions. This isn’t the case if the court steps in. If you and your ex can’t come up with solutions, going to court might be your only option.

We know that you only want what is best for your children. We can help you determine the options to make this happen. While it might be a challenge to think of things from a logical standpoint since your heart is involved in matters related to your children, we can help you to focus on logic so that you might be able to find mutual ground that allows you to resolve child custody issues.