Child support payments serve many purposes

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2017 | Firm News, Spousal And Child Support

Child support payments aren’t often viewed as a privilege unless you have the best approach possible to having to support your child. Instead, many parents view this as an obligation. Some parents even view these payments as money that they are paying to the other parent instead of realizing that the money is being use to support your offspring.

It is easy to understand why parents view child support payments as money for the other parent. After all, the name of the payable to line is the other parent. The recipient parent is merely a vessel that is used to do what has to be done with the money. Children aren’t responsible enough to pay their own bills so they count on the adults to do this for them.

When you hand over child support payments, that money likely isn’t going to be kept separate from the other money the parent has. Instead, it is usually pooled together to pay for household expenses like the electric bill or the mortgage. This can make it difficult for the paying parent to truly see how the money is being used.

There usually isn’t any requirement for the parent who gets the child support to keep track of itemized expenses that the child support covers. As long as the child isn’t being neglected, there likely isn’t any reason to worry about what is happening with the money unless you have concrete evidence that it is being mishandled. If you know that the other parent isn’t using child support to provide the children with life’s necessities, you can turn to the court for help.

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