Do-it-yourself divorces are often risky endeavors

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2017 | Divorce, Firm News

The do-it-yourself divorce might seem like a good idea until you realize how intensive the paperwork is for this process in California. The process is cumbersome enough when you don’t have children or assets to consider, but when those are present, it becomes much more complicated.

Many people also think that they will save money by trying to handle the divorce without an attorney. This is usually not the case because of the complexities of the laws. While the initial cost might be less for a DIY divorce, there is a chance that you could make errors during the process that make it more costly for you in the long run.

While you are going through the divorce, you can take other steps, such as going through mediation, that can help you to keep the costs of the process minimal. Ultimately, trying to avoid a trial is usually one of the least expensive and fastest ways to resolve the divorce.

If you have children, you have to think about them during the divorce. Trying to work out the divorce terms with only you and your ex can take up a lot of time. Instead of having to focus on the process, you can work on building new memories with your children.

The way that you handle the divorce can have a big impact on the final result. You should make sure that you understand how applicable laws affect your case. You also need to ensure that you are protecting your interests. This might be a bit easier when you have an experienced person on your side.

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