Bill signed by Governor Brown helps some parents with child care

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2017 | Family Law, Firm News

Imagine being stuck in a marriage just because you can’t afford child care and you can’t get help learning English as a second language. This is the case for many men and women in this state who aren’t native English speakers. There isn’t any reason for a person who is willing to learn English to improve his or her life to feel stuck because of child care issues.

Starting on Jan. 1, California will help these parents. A bill that was recently signed by Gov. Jerry Brown provides funding for some parents who are trying to learn English as a second language. The funding is for child care in qualifying cases. This might be a life-changing point in a parent’s life.

California also provides subsidized child care for parents who are taking vocational training courses. Adding in the ESL course qualification will expand the reach that this program has.

Some people might not think that this is a huge deal; however, consider what the average single mother is likely to spend on child care. On average, child care can eat up two-thirds of her paycheck. With a more proficient English level, the woman might be able to improve her income and employment prospects, which will ultimately benefit her children.

People who are in an abusive relationship might need to look into what this program can do to help them gain skills that can help them find employment that might lead to them being able to leave the abusive situation. Filing for divorce when you have children is frightening, but knowing that you can support yourself might help you feel more comfortable taking that step.

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