What are some common divorce terms I should know?

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It is imperative that you understand specific terms that are used in divorce cases since any misunderstandings might lead to you not fully understanding what is going on. Some terms are self explanatory; however, they might have caveats when you think about them in a legal sense

If you are in the midst of ending your marriage, make sure that you understand these terms. They can help you to better understand what is going on in your case.

What is alternative dispute resolution?

Not all divorces go through a trial. Many are resolved through alternative dispute resolution. This term means that you and your ex work out the terms of the divorce together. Couples can use arbitration or mediation, both of which use a third-party, to resolve these matters.

What is a settlement conference?

The settlement conference is a meeting in which the two parties, along with their lawyers, try to work out an agreement before the case goes to trial.

What is discovery?

In a divorce, discovery is the part of the divorce in which your side and your ex’s side exchange information. This is done by using a question and answer format, going through depositions or asking for specific documentation.

What are the petitioner and the respondent?

The petitioner, who is sometimes known as the plaintiff, is the person who filed for the divorce. The respondent, who is sometimes known as the defendant, is the person on whom the divorce petition was served.

Other terms might also be possible with your divorce. If there is anything that you don’t understand, make sure that you get answers to your questions before you make any decisions.

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