Domestic violence protection available under family law

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2016 | Family Law, Firm News

Different law enforcement agencies collaborated to serve warrants to people who were wanted for offenses related to domestic violence. As in other California counties, this is an annual October occurrence in Tulare County, forming part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This is a crime that affects people of any ages, genders, races or socioeconomic backgrounds, and victims may find comfort in knowing that a skilled family law attorney can help.

Law enforcement officers served multiple arrest warrants during the operation that authorities said was carried out to give a voice to those victims who fear the consequences of asking for help. Most people likely know someone — or have interacted with someone — who is a domestic violence victim. Sadly, many victims suffer in silence as multiple cases go unreported.

The aim of an abuser is typically to have total control of a spouse or partner. This includes those with whom that person communicates, what he or she wears, how money is spent and more. Some victims misread the attention as love rather than control until it reaches a stage at which all contact with family or friends has been severed and money is withheld. Such psychological abuse can be even more traumatizing than physical violence, even if it leaves no physical marks. Sadly, what a controlling partner may see as disobedience can lead to physical punishment and may escalate to life-threatening assaults.

California victims may notice the impact of domestic violence on their children, even if the kids are not the recipients of the abuse. To protect themselves and their children, it may be beneficial to discuss the situations with experienced family law attorneys. A lawyer can assess the unique circumstances of the family and help protect it from further harm. The first step may involve obtaining a temporary restraining order to provide immediate protection while building a case to present at a court hearing for permanent protection.

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