It appears child custody is major issue in Jolie/Pitt divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2016 | Child Custody, Firm News

News that rocked California and the world this past week involves two of Hollywood’s favorite movie stars. Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from her husband of two years, Brad Pitt. Some say the primary issue of the split is child custody and what agreement may be forged regarding the former couple’s six children.

Jolie has requested physical custody of her children. She is also said to have asked that Pitt be granted visitation rights. A source allegedly close to Pitt said he thinks his soon-to-be former wife is a great mother. However, the source also stated that Pitt is a wonderful father who has no intention on settling for anything less than being fully present in all aspects of his children’s lives.

Those who know both Pitt and Jolie say they believe the two will come to a friendly agreement before any sort of contentious debate breaks out in a courtroom. Jolie’s father, popular actor Jon Voight, told reporters he is very sad about the recent news and knows something awful must have happened for his daughter to file for divorce. He asked that everyone keep them in their prayers during this difficult time.

There are several types of child custody in California and all other states. Many decisions must be made when creating new plans for parenting after divorce. If those involved are able to communicate in an amicable fashion, it may possible to achieve a peaceable agreement with which all are satisfied. When one party refuses to cooperate or compromise, intervention may be needed. An experienced attorney is often a skilled negotiator who can represent a concerned parent during discussions that will bear significant impact on future family life.

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