Guardianships require forethought and legal support

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2016 | Firm News, Guardianships

Family court proceedings involving a child are often complex and require a great deal of consideration and preparation. This is particularly true when guardianships of children  are requested. Those seeking to be appointed guardian of a minor child, or a parent opposed to such a request, will want to gain a clear understanding of what guardianship of a child in California entails. The best place to get that information is by consulting with an attorney experienced in handling these types of legal proceedings.

Seeking guardianship of a child involves taking full legal responsibility for that child in every way. Naturally, this means providing for the physical needs of that child, including shelter and food. It also includes providing for other needs, such as medical care and insurance. Decisions regarding education must also be addressed by the guardian.

The reasons why it may be necessary for a guardian to step in and take over the role of a traditional parent can vary. One reason may be the parents have drug issues or there is evidence of an abusive situation. Allegations of domestic violence may cause a family member or another adult to request formal appointment as a guardian.

Because guardianships involve sensitive matters and the care and welfare of a child/children is involved, these proceedings are taken very seriously in California. Having experience family law support and accurate answers to questions about applicable laws and court procedures can help ensure the child’s best interests are honored. Our firm has more information online about family court matters and what parents, children and guardians can expect.