Child support in California decided by factors and guidelines

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2016 | Firm News, Spousal And Child Support

There is rarely a decision made in family court that is set in stone or considered the standard for everyone. Equally, when it comes to decisions regarding child support, there are specific guidelines and factors that can affect any case in California family court. Those factors can vary greatly and affect individual cases in a number of ways.

Each family may have uniquely complicated and diverse finances that will factor into a child support amount. For example, sources of income can be complicated if that income is seasonal or a parent is self-employed. Other sources of income, like bonuses and commissions, can also make a child support order more complex than it would be for another family.

Financial matters outside of income also impact a decision and the amount awarded when it comes to support of a child or children. For example, any retirement accounts may factor into an amount. Extra expenses for a child, such as health care costs and day care, can also be factored into a final amount a parent will have to pay.

In order to ensure a fair and accurate agreement for child support, a full picture of both parent’s finances must be presented. It is worth noting that changes in those finances, such as changes in income, new health care costs, or more children to support, may also impact whether or not a modification of child support is warranted. Our firm has more information online about child support in California and how an amount may be determined or modified.