New steps taken when parents are behind in child support

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2016 | Firm News, Spousal And Child Support

The financial support of a child after a divorce or when parents are no longer together is to ensure a child is properly cared for by both parents. When a California parent is ordered to pay child support, not living up to that legal obligation can result in serious legal consequences. In one south central state, new ways to ensure child support is paid are being enacted.

The state is now making it impossible for a parent to register a vehicle if that parent is behind in child support payments. This new action will start in the fall. It will affect parents who are behind in child support for six months or more.

This state, like others, already has other measures in place to deal with parents who are behind. The revocation of a driver’s license is one measure taken when a parent is not keeping up with payments. Professional licenses and other licenses are also revoked if someone is behind in payments. Some argue that this new measure to prevent vehicle registration will only make it more difficult for a parent to earn the money needed to get caught up on child support.

Child support issues can happen to any parent and affect a California family in any economic group. There may be unforeseen circumstances that make child support payments difficult or impossible to keep current. When a parent is behind in payments or is having a difficult getting payment, legal action may be necessary. One option for struggling parents may be to seek a modification, especially if job or financial changes have occurred and have impacted the ability to keep up with support.


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