The importance of child support and spousal support

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2016 | Firm News, Spousal And Child Support

Whenever a couple files for divorce, there are many factors that need to be discussed and adequately addressed. Of all of the potential factors that could be involved, finances will be a common theme in most of them. Being prepared for these incredibly important topics and having the ability to approach them without fear is an integral part to achieving an acceptable divorce agreement.

To this end, child support and spousal support (or alimony) are big topics for a lot of divorcing families. Depending on your situation, these things could have a huge impact on your post-divorce life.

For example, if you and your husband or wife had a child together and one of you gave up your career in order to take care of your child, then spousal support could be an option. The parent that gave up his or her career could be entitled to payments from their ex-spouse to make up for their lack of current income, or their lost career potential. However, this isn’t a guarantee. A judge will make a determination as to whether spousal support should be given to a parent as a result of their marital and working circumstances.

In addition, child support could be given under these conditions. If one of the spouses needs money to contribute to the child’s education or to help pay for necessities, then child support could be awarded. 

Regardless of whether your divorce involves child support or spousal support, the financial implications of a divorce or complex and daunting. You shouldn’t proceed without an attorney by your side, and at the Law Office of Ashley Philpot Mattos, we have the experience to help you with your divorce.