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Bill signed by Governor Brown helps some parents with child care

Imagine being stuck in a marriage just because you can't afford child care and you can't get help learning English as a second language. This is the case for many men and women in this state who aren't native English speakers. There isn't any reason for a person who is willing to learn English to improve his or her life to feel stuck because of child care issues.

Starting on Jan. 1, California will help these parents. A bill that was recently signed by Gov. Jerry Brown provides funding for some parents who are trying to learn English as a second language. The funding is for child care in qualifying cases. This might be a life-changing point in a parent's life.

Infidelity doesn't have to end a marriage

There are many things that can lead to the end of a marriage. One of these is a cheating spouse. While some people might think that a cheating spouse is an automatic marriage ending event, this isn't the case. It is possible to move past infidelity if both spouses are willing to work on things.

One of the first things that has to be done is that the person with whom the affair occurred needs to be pushed away. There isn't any place for a friendship or any type of relationship, even a business relationship with a person who was the other party in an affair. In some cases, this might mean that the person who cheated has to leave an entire group of friends or even a job in order to save the marriage.

Could your choice of friends be straining your marriage?

Most California couples fall in love with each other and that's why they want to get married. Conversely, they don't necessarily have to fall in love with each other's friends. Perhaps your wife has a BFF who takes her out dancing all night long. Perhaps your husband has a BFF who drags him out to the bar.

In many marriages, the spouses get along great with each other's friends. In other marriages, they can't stand them. In the latter situation, the tension between you and your spouse's friends could put considerable strain on your marriage.

Divorce cases must be handled in a personalized manner

We've recently discussed several points that come into the picture during divorce cases. One thing that is certain is that all divorce cases are individual matters that have unique circumstances. This is why you can't count on what happened in someone else's divorce to happen in your divorce.

We know that you are probably trying to find out what is going to happen in your case. We can go over the important matters with you to discuss the options and possibilities. A lot of times, what happens with each matter will depend on you and your ex.

Many factors impact spousal support

There are some divorces that include one party asking that the other party pay alimony. This isn't something that is done automatically. If you think that you are due spousal support or if your ex is asking for this monetary support, you might have some questions about what factors determine alimony eligibility.

One of the primary factors that can impact the suitability of spousal support is the ability of the paying party to afford support. Alimony isn't anything like child support. The court isn't going to expect a person to pay more than what they can honestly afford. There aren't any minimum payments amounts that must be paid like there are with child support payments.

Social media requires care if you are co-parenting

When you are co-parenting a child, you need to be careful of what you do on social media. This isn't because you need to worry about what your ex is going to see. If you and your ex are co-parenting, it is likely that the two of you get along but you should make sure that your decisions about every aspect of child custody fall in line with the custody agreement. This means that you might need to watch what you say on social media.

You need to be careful because of how various posts might be perceived. You don't want it to seem like you are bragging about your life at your child's expense. You wouldn't want other people who aren't co-parenting like you to think that you are downing them.

Think about how you might be able to resolve child custody issues

We recently discussed some of the challenges that are facing co-parents. All of these issues can also impact the children, especially if the children are being forced to endure their parents arguing on a constant basis.

One thing that you need to remember is that your children are looking to you as a role model. How you handle the conflicts with your ex can shape the way your child will handle conflicts. This is something that you can't take lightly.

Make sane decisions during the course of your divorce

Your divorce might make you feel like you are going crazy, but that doesn't mean that you have to make crazy decisions. Instead, you can think carefully about each decision that you have so you are making decisions that are in your best interests.

As you go through the divorce process, you are going to face various decisions about everything from property division to child custody. Each of these decisions can impact the way your future is shaped. This is why you must carefully consider what you might do.

Learn how a journal can help you during a divorce

Going through a divorce, you might have more thoughts going through your mind than you can handle. One way to help you to work through these thoughts is to start journaling.

A journal is a private place for you to organize your thoughts. Where you keep your journal is up to you. You might choose to keep it on paper in a notebook, or you can journal online in a digital format. In either case, you need to make sure that you are taking steps to secure it from prying eyes.

Make plans for child custody in unusual situations this year

Now that the school season is in full swing, it is time to think about what you are going to do if special situations present themselves this school year. For parents who still live together, making plans for who will pick up a child from school if the school closes early or the child is sick isn't a huge ordeal. Even holiday plans aren't a big deal.

For parents who aren't together any longer, these situations might take a bit more thought since they will have to think about the child custody aspect of the case. If you fall into this group, here are some points you should remember.

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