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Family law matters have options for you to consider

Family law issues are often things that will keep you up at night as you try to figure out how you are going to keep everything on track. Whether you are going through a divorce, a custody battle or an adoption, knowing what to expect can often help you feel less stressed about everything so that you are able to continue on with life.

We know that these cases are difficult because they deal with your family. You may have to make some serious decisions that impact you and everyone else who is involved. Trying to find ways to ensure the best outcome is imperative.

Support payment considerations in California

Spousal support isn't automatically awarded in California. Instead, the courts review the situation and determine if spousal support is appropriate. There are two ways that it might be determined that alimony is appropriate in a case.

The first way is that the exes can agree on the support. If this is the case, all terms must be mutually agreed upon, including the amount, duration and frequency of payments.

Help children learn how to handle special events after divorce

Children want to know that they are being supported by their loved ones. One of the things that helps them realize this is to have their family members with them when there are important events in their life. This is made challenging when their parents divorce. Having to divide their time between two homes might make them feel like their special days aren't as special as they were when everyone was in one home.

There are several things that parents can do when they are trying to help their children enjoy special days. One of the most important of these is to remember that children want to celebrate small victories in life, as well as major days. Being able to share a good grade or a mastered skill with both parents will likely mean a lot to the child. Seeing both parents on a holiday or birthday might be important to them.

What happens to pets when you divorce?

People who have pets usually treat them like treasured members of the family. This gives that animal a loving home while they are living there. The love for them can become a bit of a challenge if they are at the center of a divorce. Many people don't realize that pets aren't treated any differently from other property, such as homes, cars and furniture, during a divorce.

This leaves some people befuddled as they scramble to fight for the pets they love. Unfortunately, there are only two states that don't treat pets as property – Illinois and Alaska. Here in California, it is possible that the judge might order the dog to be sold and the proceeds divided between the spouses.

Guardianship designations can protect children's interests

Being named the guardian of a child is a very serious matter. The person who has this designation must care for the children just as a biological parent would. A guardianship is usually established if the biological parents of the children aren't able to care for them. In some cases, a guardianship is used if the child lives with relatives or friends for whatever reason.

When a guardianship is set up, the guardian has the legal right to make decisions for the child. This person must provide the child with medical care, food, shelter and life's necessities. They can enroll the child in school and make medical decisions.

Civility goes a long way when you must parent with an ex

Throughout your child's life, you and the other parent will have to make decisions based on what you feel is best for them. When you have gone through a divorce, there is a chance that you and your ex won't agree on what the kids need. This is a tough spot to be placed in, but you should remember that how you behave in these times can impact the future of your parenting relationship.

No matter how heated things are getting, you should always make sure that you are remaining respectful. This can be a real challenge, especially if your ex knows what buttons to push to get you heated. Always be willing to take a step back to evaluate the situation before deciding what to do. This might give you a chance to come up with a response that won't be deemed disrespectful.

Work out a deal for handling school costs now

We recently discussed some of the steps divorced parents must take when their children are going back to school. One of the aspects of the back-to-school season is that children have the added expense of school supplies. This is on top of regular expenses that the child has and things like extracurricular activity fees. It is imperative that parents discuss how these expenses will be handled before the day it is time to pay them.

The agreement that parents have for these expenses varies according to the circumstances. You and your ex might decide that each parent needs to pay a certain percentage. Typically, one parent will pay the entire cost and then the other parent repays their portion.

Plan for your child's success this school year

Trying to help your children stay on top of their school work is difficult. When there are extenuating circumstances present, such as their parents going through a divorce, you might find that it is even more difficult. If your child spends time with you and your ex during the school year, both of you will need to have an active role in their education to make things work.

Both parents should have access to files related to school. Many classes use online bulletin boards, messaging systems and even assignment trackers. Be sure that you and your ex both have the credentials to get into these. This lets both parents have the information they need to help with these matters when they have the child.

Divorcing while running your business is a complicated matter

Running a business is a difficult task that requires you to focus on the difficult decisions that you have to make. You don't need anything standing in your way so finding out that you will have to divide your time between running the business and working through a divorce is not easy.

You have to make sure that you are looking at the whole picture. What you decide in the divorce can also impact the business and vise versa. Here are some important considerations to get you started once you realize your marriage is ending:

The end of your marriage doesn't have to be contentious

Ending a marriage is a tough decision to make, especially if the marriage isn't a complete disaster. There are times when both spouses might agree that divorce is for the best. In these cases, there might be a chance that they can work together to come to the terms of the divorce.

We know that divorce doesn't have to be a contentious undertaking. It can be a very low-key and cooperative process. Even if this is the way it seems to be going in your case, it is best to remember that there is always a chance that the matter will have to go before the court in a trial. This might help you ensure that you are doing what you need to do in order to protect your interests.

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