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Social media and divorce: be wary of what you post

A critical issue in divorce nowadays is social media. What type of information does my wife have on her Facebook profile that pertains to our upcoming divorce? Does my husband have incriminating photos on his Instagram account? Has my former spouse used Twitter to publicly shame and insult me? These are important questions in a divorce that wouldn't make any sense 15 years ago.

There are many factors involved in a divorce

Going through a divorce is a difficult and complicated process that can drain the individual's mental and emotional energy. There is so much that goes into a divorce -- and we don't say that to discourage you from filing if you and your spouse have legitimate issues that can't be resolved. From child custody to spousal support; and property division to prenuptial agreements; and everything in between; it is crucial for someone involved in a divorce to know what they are getting into.

Learning from divorce can help you down the line

Relationships are complicated, and it takes a lot of energy and work to get past the rough times, as well as maintain the good times. As simple as this seems, when it comes to marriage, some people don't have this lesson committed to memory. Plenty of young couples get married -- only for the marriage to crumble and collapse soon after they walk down the aisle.

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