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Spousal and Child Support Archives

Know what your prenuptial agreement says about support

Financial support after a marriage ends is a huge factor in many divorces. We recently discussed some of the things that child support is supposed to cover. This is only one of the possible things that you will have to think about.

Know the laws regarding financial support in a divorce

We recently discussed how it is important to think about your financial future when you are going through a divorce. There are two types of support that might be beneficial to consider when your marriage is ending -- alimony and child support.

Understand how uninsured medical expenses are handled

Child support payments are meant to help financially support a child; however, these payments aren't intended as a catch-all so that the paying parent never has to spend another dime on the child. Many child support orders touch on what must happen if the child needs medical care.

Child support matters must take the child's needs into account

We recently discussed some points related to child custody. Another aspect of these cases that you have to think about is how the child will be supported financially. Child support payments are important in these cases because children have needs that only money can take care of. We know that child support is a difficult topic for some parents because they might not want people involved in their finances.

Child support orders must be followed precisely

Child support laws are set up to ensure that parents take financial responsibility for their children. Many parents don't have any issue with this. There are some cases, such as the one that we discussed last week, that are so contentious that even the issue of child support becomes a battleground issue. We are here to help you learn about what options you have for child support.

California court declines to hear support case from another state

Surrogate pregnancies are an area of the law that still has a lot of unknowns. The case of Sherri Shepherd and her ex, Lamar Sally, is proving to be one that sets many new standards for surrogate pregnancies and the care the children of these arrangements need if the parents divorce.

What to do if your child support amount seems too high

Going through a divorce often brings out the worst in people. It can be easy to take the pain and rejection that comes from a divorce and turn it into anger. Unquestionably, for many families, one of the most contentious issues during a divorce is child custody and support.

What to do if child support is being withheld

Custody of minor children and the requirement for child support payments are often the most hotly contested issues during a divorce. Often, the person who files for the divorce is allowed to file a temporary support and custody order until the divorce is finalized by the courts. Unfortunately, not all parents take their obligations for child support seriously. For the custodial parent, the failure of one's soon-to-be ex-spouse to comply with the ordered support can have real financial repercussions. If you are not receiving child support as ordered, you should take immediate steps to have the order enforced.

Child support in California decided by factors and guidelines

There is rarely a decision made in family court that is set in stone or considered the standard for everyone. Equally, when it comes to decisions regarding child support, there are specific guidelines and factors that can affect any case in California family court. Those factors can vary greatly and affect individual cases in a number of ways.

Many factors affect spousal support in California

When a marriage dissolves, the financial support of a spouse is not a given in every case. The likelihood and amount of any spousal support decision can be based on a wide variety of individual factors. There is no set formula in California; however, those in the middle of a divorce can get an idea as to what they may expect in the way of support and what factors about their cases will influence a court agreement.

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