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The divorce process is one that requires you to protect yourself

The divorce process is one that brings up an odd combination of stress and relief. The process itself is likely going to have stressful moments but the relief you will feel when everything is said and done is amazing. We know that you are ready to get things over with, but you must ensure that you take the time you need to determine the proper decisions for your divorce.

Plan to keep private affairs private in a divorce

A divorce is a very personal matter that you might not want made public. While people will know that the divorce occurred, you might not want your business out there about exactly what happened. You might be able to keep things under wraps if you opt to try to work out the divorce terms with your ex.

What are some common divorce terms I should know?

It is imperative that you understand specific terms that are used in divorce cases since any misunderstandings might lead to you not fully understanding what is going on. Some terms are self explanatory; however, they might have caveats when you think about them in a legal sense

Is your California prenup valid?

If you are thinking of divorce, you may be wondering if your prenuptial agreement is going to hold up in court. As with many things in the legal arena, it depends. Divorce is almost always a tricky and complicated endeavor. Even if you think you took every precaution to protect your assets, the court might decide otherwise.

Communication is a signal of relationship health

Some people say that the end of their marriage is something that comes as a shock. Those people might be surprised to find out that there were actually signs that this was coming. The communication in a relationship is often a clue about how things are going. When there is silence or a lack of communication, those are signs that the marriage is failing.

Make a plan for the end of your marriage

In our previous blog post, we discussed how important it is to protect your business in case you go through a divorce. This is only one consideration that you have to think about, especially if you have higher assets. We know that you don't want to go into a marriage thinking about the possibility of it ending, but having a little discomfort now can save you from a lot of trouble down the road.

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