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How well do you understand asset division in California divorces?

Many California residents considering divorce may get information from questionable sources. Even people you trust and respect may leave out critical details or exaggerate when describing the outcome of a divorce. That can leave you with very skewed ideas of what happens when the courts handle the division of your assets and possessions.

Don't make child custody more difficult than it has to be

A child custody case requires making some difficult decisions. You have to think carefully about each one. Typically, to avoid a nasty court battle, all will need to be discussed with your ex during negotiations, mediation or similar proceedings so that you can come to a compromise about them.

4 reasons a legal separation is important

Divorce is usually a long and complicated process. It can sometimes take months to complete the entire ordeal. For most people, the process starts when one spouse or the other moves out of the marital home. Unfortunately, if your husband moves out of your house in Visalia, it does not necessarily mean that your separation is legal.

Critical points to remember about child support payments

Even if parents divorce, both parents are expected to help with the cost of raising the children. This is accomplished by ordering one parent to make payments to the other parent. These are known as child support payments. California, like other states, has a predetermined method for deciding which parent pays and how much each payment will be.

Could your choice of friends be straining your marriage?

Most California couples fall in love with each other and that's why they want to get married. Conversely, they don't necessarily have to fall in love with each other's friends. Perhaps your wife has a BFF who takes her out dancing all night long. Perhaps your husband has a BFF who drags him out to the bar.

Make plans for child custody in unusual situations this year

Now that the school season is in full swing, it is time to think about what you are going to do if special situations present themselves this school year. For parents who still live together, making plans for who will pick up a child from school if the school closes early or the child is sick isn't a huge ordeal. Even holiday plans aren't a big deal.

Understand important points about child support in California

Almost all child custody cases come with child support. This financial support isn't decided without careful consideration. Instead, the court has very specific things that it has to consider when trying to determine which parent is going to pay child support and how much those payments will be.

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