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November 2018 Archives

Unmarried couples face challenges when splitting up

When you live with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you will probably amass assets and debts as a couple. Have you thought about what is going to happen to those if you break up? The fact here is that it can be very contentious to work through who is going to get what if your relationship ends. We are here to help you work through the process of dividing everything and making sure you aren't getting taken advantage of during the split. While you don't have to go through a divorce, the logistics of ending a live-in relationship can be challenging.

Powerful emotions often accompany a divorce

The end of a marriage is a big step for anyone. When you decide that you are going to get divorced, you might automatically start to think about things like property division and child custody that come with the split. There is another aspect that you also need to consider — how you will handle the emotional toll that divorce takes on you.

Your parenting plan might change as your child matures

Child custody matters can be hard to navigate, especially when priorities change as the child gets older. It is imperative that you always remember to consider what the kids need if you are planning to make changes to the current parenting plan. We know that you might not be certain about devising a new agreement, but it is sometimes necessary as children mature and their needs change.

Child support payments might be challenging after remarrying

Child support payments serve an important purpose for both parents. For the paying parent, this is a way that they can provide for their children even though they aren't there physically on a daily basis. For the parent who receives the payments, they might take some pressure off of their finances.

Shared events can be challenging for divorce parents

The holiday season comes with some unique events. While many of these, such as school plays, are great memory makers, they can also be very challenging. When a child's parents aren't in a relationship any longer, these events can require some teamwork to make happen. We know that it isn't always easy to have to deal with your ex, much less spend time with them; however, your children will almost certainly appreciate having both parents there for these events.

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