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September 2018 Archives

Child support payments are used for a variety of expenses

Child support payments aren't usually a favorite topic for the men and women who have to make these payments. In some cases, allegations about what the money is being used for are passed about. The money is meant to be used on a variety of expenses that pertain to the child. One thing that all parents have to remember is that these payments don't have to be kept separate from other money that the recipient has.

Family law matters have options for you to consider

Family law issues are often things that will keep you up at night as you try to figure out how you are going to keep everything on track. Whether you are going through a divorce, a custody battle or an adoption, knowing what to expect can often help you feel less stressed about everything so that you are able to continue on with life.

Help children learn how to handle special events after divorce

Children want to know that they are being supported by their loved ones. One of the things that helps them realize this is to have their family members with them when there are important events in their life. This is made challenging when their parents divorce. Having to divide their time between two homes might make them feel like their special days aren't as special as they were when everyone was in one home.

What happens to pets when you divorce?

People who have pets usually treat them like treasured members of the family. This gives that animal a loving home while they are living there. The love for them can become a bit of a challenge if they are at the center of a divorce. Many people don't realize that pets aren't treated any differently from other property, such as homes, cars and furniture, during a divorce.

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