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August 2018 Archives

Guardianship designations can protect children's interests

Being named the guardian of a child is a very serious matter. The person who has this designation must care for the children just as a biological parent would. A guardianship is usually established if the biological parents of the children aren't able to care for them. In some cases, a guardianship is used if the child lives with relatives or friends for whatever reason.

Civility goes a long way when you must parent with an ex

Throughout your child's life, you and the other parent will have to make decisions based on what you feel is best for them. When you have gone through a divorce, there is a chance that you and your ex won't agree on what the kids need. This is a tough spot to be placed in, but you should remember that how you behave in these times can impact the future of your parenting relationship.

Work out a deal for handling school costs now

We recently discussed some of the steps divorced parents must take when their children are going back to school. One of the aspects of the back-to-school season is that children have the added expense of school supplies. This is on top of regular expenses that the child has and things like extracurricular activity fees. It is imperative that parents discuss how these expenses will be handled before the day it is time to pay them.

Plan for your child's success this school year

Trying to help your children stay on top of their school work is difficult. When there are extenuating circumstances present, such as their parents going through a divorce, you might find that it is even more difficult. If your child spends time with you and your ex during the school year, both of you will need to have an active role in their education to make things work.

Divorcing while running your business is a complicated matter

Running a business is a difficult task that requires you to focus on the difficult decisions that you have to make. You don't need anything standing in your way so finding out that you will have to divide your time between running the business and working through a divorce is not easy.

The end of your marriage doesn't have to be contentious

Ending a marriage is a tough decision to make, especially if the marriage isn't a complete disaster. There are times when both spouses might agree that divorce is for the best. In these cases, there might be a chance that they can work together to come to the terms of the divorce.

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