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April 2018 Archives

Child custody orders are important during the summer months

As the summer months get closer, parents who are split up will have to start making plans for their children for the times when school isn't in session. For some parents, finding day camps or child care for the hours they are work is the only option. Others might try to rotate the child between them so that each parent can have some time with the children. Relatives might also step in to provide care.

Child support 101: Understand the basics of these payments

Child support orders are the cornerstone of the financial agreement with your ex to provide support for your children. You have to make sure that you have thought about the terms of this order and understand what it all means.

How well do you understand asset division in California divorces?

Many California residents considering divorce may get information from questionable sources. Even people you trust and respect may leave out critical details or exaggerate when describing the outcome of a divorce. That can leave you with very skewed ideas of what happens when the courts handle the division of your assets and possessions.

Find your happy place during your divorce

The stress that comes with having to work through a divorce is often overwhelming. It is easy to become so consumed with the divorce that you forget about living your life. If you are going through a divorce, now is the time to find your happy place so that you can focus on that when things get stressful. We know that this won't be easy, but you will likely find that it helps you tremendously.

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