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Child support in California decided by factors and guidelines

There is rarely a decision made in family court that is set in stone or considered the standard for everyone. Equally, when it comes to decisions regarding child support, there are specific guidelines and factors that can affect any case in California family court. Those factors can vary greatly and affect individual cases in a number of ways.

Guardianships require forethought and legal support

Family court proceedings involving a child are often complex and require a great deal of consideration and preparation. This is particularly true when guardianships of children  are requested. Those seeking to be appointed guardian of a minor child, or a parent opposed to such a request, will want to gain a clear understanding of what guardianship of a child in California entails. The best place to get that information is by consulting with an attorney experienced in handling these types of legal proceedings.

Should legal advice be free in certain child custody cases?

Most California parents understand that when faced with a custody challenge, each party will be required to retain his or her own legal counsel. However, there are many child custody cases in which parents are unable to afford the cost of legal services and have no choice but to fight the cases on their own behalves. It should come as no surprise that the outcomes of such endeavors are often unfavorable for the pro se litigants.

Many factors affect spousal support in California

When a marriage dissolves, the financial support of a spouse is not a given in every case. The likelihood and amount of any spousal support decision can be based on a wide variety of individual factors. There is no set formula in California; however, those in the middle of a divorce can get an idea as to what they may expect in the way of support and what factors about their cases will influence a court agreement.

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