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July 2016 Archives

Divorce in California requires financial forethought

There are many decisions to be made and many changes to be navigated when a marriage dissolves. Once a divorce is on the table, each party can benefit from having a clear idea as to how best to handle financial matters. Awareness of financial changes, challenges and rights can help anyone in California make informed decisions and get a fair resolution.

Know the facts about the child support formula in California

A formula regarding support for a child is in place to give parents a general idea about how support works and what they may be expected to pay and receive. In California family court, this formula for child support acts basically like a guideline. There are unique and individual factors that can take the complicated and overwhelming financial data of each family and devise an approximation of what a child support amount may actually be.

Property division in California grows complex in a divorce

While California is a community property state, there can be complications or unique factors that make the division of marital property complex. The idea of a 50-50 split of marital property during a divorce in the state is ideal. However, most people should understand it may only be the starting point.

More California guardianships are being sought by grandparents

It is nothing new for children to live with their grandparents. However, with the rise of drug dependency in California and across the country, more and more retirees seem to be seeking guardianships for their grandchildren. Some child advocates believe that children are better adjusted if they are raised with family members, but the strain on the grandparent can be enormous.

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