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June 2016 Archives

Factors that may influence child custody in California

It is often stated the best interests of the child is what drives decisions made in family courts. However, the specifics as to how the best interests of the child are decided may be a mystery to some. While every child custody case in California is as unique as every child, there are certain factors that will help family court judges figure out exactly what is best for the child involved.

New steps taken when parents are behind in child support

The financial support of a child after a divorce or when parents are no longer together is to ensure a child is properly cared for by both parents. When a California parent is ordered to pay child support, not living up to that legal obligation can result in serious legal consequences. In one south central state, new ways to ensure child support is paid are being enacted.

Child support in California can depend on specific factors

The split of a family can lead to the need for legal intervention on a number of fronts. When it comes to child support, seeking legal guidance may help a California family understand what could occur and what amount of support may be ordered by the family court system. Because each family is different and individual circumstances play a role in the outcome of any case, child support obligations can be affected by a number of factors.

Divorcing mindfully: Tips to making it easier for your children

Divorce can be a difficult time for everyone, including your children. Watching parents fight, having one parent leave the home and simply the major changes that come with divorce can be detrimental , especially to a child.

Ways to minimize taxes after divorce in California

Taxes can be a big factor during a divorce, especially when it comes to how taxes will reflect major changes such as alimony and the child credit. There are certain measures one can take to prepare for those changes and learn how certain aspects of a divorce will affect finances overall, particularly when it comes to filing taxes in California. If each party understands the tax implications, then each can make an informed decision and avoid being blindsided once the first tax season after divorce rolls around.

Major financial decisions need to be made during a divorce

The dissolution of a marriage opens the door to many decisions that need to be made. Once anyone venturing into a divorce understands the scope of those decisions, particularly any decisions that pertain to finances, that party can make a more informed and positive choice about property division, child support, alimony, pensions and other factors that may impact that person's life long after the split. The actual impact on finances can vary greatly for California residents, depending on the amount of assets to be divided and the length of the marriage, along with other various individual factors.

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